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Watch this video and more on booster @home

Watch this video and more on booster @home

15' legs and booty at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi

Functional Training

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  • 15' Full Body Tabata in front of the ...

    A 15 min full body HIIT Tabata training session

    Equipment: mat
    Trainer: Evelyn

    In this short and intense training, you will perform 3 sets of 4 minutes, each including 8 exercises:
    - regular squats,
    - lunges (R/L)
    - cossack squats,
    - half burpees,
    - knees in and out,
    - side plank hips up and do...

  • 40' Full Body Training in front of th...

    A 40 min intense full body workout, with a nice sequence dedicated to the back muscles, and an overall focus on core and upper body

    Equipment: mat; dumbbells
    Trainer: Tresor

    In this video, you will perform:
    - warm up: mountain climber, plank
    - back: lying prone leg lifts, pulling down arms, le...

  • 20’ core and abs in an Indonesian home

    A 20 min routine to fire up your core and abs.

    Equipment: mat
    Trainer: Adrienne

    In this video, you will perform:
    - toe lifts, toe lifts with crunches,
    - knee pulls, chest lifted
    - arms circle with legs extension
    - leg lifts, side leg lifts,
    - side plank with lifts and folds, with arm lifted,...