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booster transform is a fitness boutique studio in Zurich, Switzerland specialised in high intensity and low impact workouts.

Our online on demand platform offers more than 100 workouts to help you continue to build your muscular strength and endurance at home. You will find Barre intensity, Lagree Method, functional training, indoor cycling and stretch classes.

The classes are performed by a great team of instructors who will guide you throughout your classes.

Barre Intensity

Power Up And Lengthen Your Body
We offer at booster the Barre Intensity® class format. The name says it all, as our barre classes are incredibly challenging, pushing you beyond your limits, but without any compromise on the integrity of your body. You will shake and sweat in high energy workouts that will sculpt and tone your muscles and improve your overall cardiovascular capacity.

The Lagree Method on the Microformer

The Lagree Fitness Method delivers results, fast. The low impact program done on the Microformer™ features targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace, activating slow twitch muscle fibres to build the long lean physique and muscular endurance that has made this workout famous.

If you would be interested to purchase a Microformer, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Functional training

If you are looking for full body conditioning workout, this class is for you. Shred, tone, sculpt and build lean muscles from the comfort of your living room.
Our trainers will be correcting form, providing modifications and variations of exercises and keep you motivated from across the screen.

Classes vary from 30 minutes full body workouts to 10-20 minutes core blast classes where you will plank, crunch, squeeze those obliques to build up core strength.

Create a stronger version of yourself and build up your endurance, confidence and overall general health.


Ride is a fast paced high intensity workout, combining bursts of intensity and heavy hill rides, where our trainers will push you to your physical and mental limits and leave you feeling fulfilled. Sweat and calorie burning are guaranteed. An indoor bike is required for this class.


Find your release in these deep stretch classes. You will open up, elongate and deeply stretch out every muscles in your body, while relaxing and releasing. Choose from our 15 minutes classes which are perfect to release muscle tension after an intense workout and our 30 minutes classes to take care of yourself and deeply release and unwind.

Watch from anywhere

Your favorite workouts, available wherever and whenever you want.

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  • 40' Full Body Training at the white brick wall

    1 video

    A 40 min intense full body circuit training.

    Equipment: mat and 2 pair of dumbbells (light and heavy)
    Trainer: Ilaria

    Meet with Ilaria at booster transform Zurich, where she coaches the Lagree Method and barre intensity www.boostertransform.com

    Follow us on Instagram @ilaria.paltrinieri_ocrco...

  • 20' barre intensity Bum in Ipanema

    1 video

    A 20 min barre intensity class focussed exclusively on bum.

    Equipment: a mat.

    Trainer: Emily

    Meet with Emily at booster transform Zurich, where she coaches the Lagree Method and Barre Intensity. www.boostertransform.com

    Follow us on Instagram @boostertransform and @emilysalignedfitness

  • 45' Pregnancy barre intensity - children's room

    1 video

    A 45 min barre intensity class designed for mums to be, but not only.

    Equipment: a mat, a chair and a pair of light dumbbells.

    Trainer: Adrienne

    Meet with Adrienne at booster transform Zurich, where she coaches the Lagree Method and Barre Intensity. www.boostertransform.com

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